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Child Health Day with Pitt Dance Marathon

In case you missed it, yesterday was Child Health Day! It’s a day in the dance marathon world when thousands of students and their communities come together to rally support for their local children’s hospital.

It was a long and exciting day for our friends at Pitt Dance Marathon. I stopped by their fundraising headquarters with some snacks to fuel their 12-hour fundraising effort and what I saw there was just amazing. These young people came together after months of planning to encouraging each other to achieve their fundraising goal of $17,000 for UPMC Children’s Hospital. No surprise to me, they way surpassed that goal raising nearly $25,000 in just 12 hours! These are COLLEGE STUDENTS!

Something I heard at their HQ was a student saying they accidentally over drafted their account making a donation – not something we encourage I should say! But I was touched that this student literally gave her very last dollar to help the sickest most vulnerable children here in Pittsburgh. Not to buy a Starbucks drink, or a new shirt, etc. but to help kids.

I have all the faith in this generation to #changekidshealth